International Landscape Planning and Design Research Symposium

”Ecosystem Restoration”


The rapid decrease in natural resources in the world, the increase in the impact of environmental problems and all changes that damage ecosystems bring about ecological problems and as a result, new solutions are sought. The discipline of landscape architecture plays a key role in bringing a holistic perspective to these search for solutions. Landscape architecture, which includes different approaches such as planning, design, application, management, monitoring and reclamation, aims to offer a living space where the ecosystem can reach qualified conditions by prioritizing the conservation-utilization balance on the basis of human-nature interaction.

Within the framework of the above-mentioned issues, International Landscape Planning and Design Research Symposium, which will be held between 2-4 December 2022, hosted by ─░zmir Democracy University Faculty of Architecture Department of Landscape Architecture, aims to evaluate current approaches and new orientations in the landscape planning and design process. Landscape architecture, city and regional planning, urban design, forest engineering, architecture, geography, sociology, environmental psychology, covering all the planning and design disciplines such as the natural and cultural landscapes within the framework of scientific knowledge and contribute to the discussion, you can be directed to the below mentioned contact your personal experience aims to create a multidisciplinary platform.

The “ecosystem restoration” movement announced by the United Nations for the current decade has been chosen as this year’s theme of the symposium. Based on the principle that the healthier our ecosystems are, the healthier our world and people will be; Examination of current trends in planning and design approaches aimed at reducing and preventing ecosystem destruction and improving ecosystems constitutes the focus of discussion of the symposium.

In the symposium, in which graduate student sessions will also be organized, the topics outlined below will be discussed.


– Landscape planning, design, application, management, monitoring, reclamation

– Global warming and climate change

– Environment and society

– Landscape policies

– Green infrastructure systems

– Ecosystem services

– Natural and cultural landscapes

– Rural and urban environments